Dear Sean, Hi my name is Jake, I am 10 years old and in 4th grade, my PE teachers would not allow me to spin the ball in a pass ans told me, to print out the official rules. your web site has no info...Please message me back so i can play again and show her.

In our league, you are allowed to hit the ball as long as you follow these rules...

1. Hit the ball with only your hands. We define hands as the area between your wrists and finger tips. Can use the front or back, it doesn't matter.

2. You can only hit the ball for a single instant. No catching, no carrying, no holding.

With those rules, it is both possible and legal to hit the ball and spin it at the same time. Back spin and side spin are common in our games.

However, if you are using two hands to make the ball spin then it is possible that your spinning technique will break rule number 2. Two hand spins, where you move one hand up and one hand down to make the ball spin, is too similar to a carry or hold. We don't allow that kind of hit.

Print out this email and bring it to your gym teacher. The two of you can talk about it and decide what to do next in your classes.


Hey at our summer camp they consider a hold putting two hands on the ball at the same time on opposite sides is that really a hold?