Dear Sean,
I have bought 2 4 square balls in one month and they both popped. Are they not made like they use to be. I am disappointed in this. I have paid close to $20 for both. I purchased these at different stores and neither one made it. I am not going to keep purchasing them if this keeps happening. Please give me some advice. There is nothing around that would pop them. Thank you. - Kimberly, 6/9/2009

Wow. Either you are playing this game against half-ape-half-barbarians, or you you using the crappy balls you find at your local drug store.

Let me give you a little advice.

If you are indeed playing with nordic tribesmen, and they are popping playground balls left and right, I would say the balls are not the problem and you've got other stuff to worry about.

But if the quality of your balls is questionable, change it up and order a bunch of 2-ply playground balls that are designed to take abuse. These are balls with a thicker textured outer layer designed for playground threat levels. I have never popped one of these balls and our league puts about 20 hours of hard play on each one each year.

So, buy higher quality balls, keep them inflated to their normal pressure, don't let anyone handle them who has something to prove, and your balls should last a long time.

And, what's more, you're paying way too much for your balls. I buy balls from the Dick's Sporting Goods website. The 2-ply PG-8.5 balls go for about 6 bucks each and you can get them in a bunch of colors.