Dear Sean,
I recently began a new 4-sqaure club, and it's officially up and running. Our school has already jumped into it anxiously, but i need more techniques and moves. This will madly impress all the participants. Please email back very soon!
-LSEballer, 9/26/07 6:48 PM

So, dear Baller, here is what I have to contribute. First take a look at the resources we have on our site already, specifically the forum named Coolest Rules. Theres a reasonable list of interesting rules there. Also take a look at the links on Wikipedia's article on four square (actually, we wrote most of it but its got a lot of awesome contributions since then) and see what other leagues are doing.

So, linkage:

Also, if you haven't heard of The Scorpion maneuver then imagine falling on your belly and kicking the ball behind your back with your heels. Hence, the Scorpion. Don't try it unsupervised and certainly don't encourage your children to try it.

Hope all this helps.