A culture of pick up four square has been forming in a public park in Philadelphia. Just when they were gaining some traction with their hood, the city was forced to clamp down on their ball playing policy. Apparently, there is no ball playing allowed in city parks - including footballs and baseballs and four square balls - and these kids have to find a new home. The full story is here: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/local/20090727_City_rule_forces_ball_…

We thought we would republish this story and try to keep them in the spotlight, hopefully they have found themselves a new home with as much pedestrian foot traffic as they can possibly garner.


I'm pretty super psyched that you reposted our article, and I figure I'll give you an update on the current state of four square in Thrilladelphia.

After we got kicked out of our parking lot at 24th and Chestnut, we decided to just try and keep playing at Rittenhouse, only we just show up later. Apparently the cops stop patrolling the park after a certain time, and I think after the article hit they probably decided to just back off us. Long story short, we've returned home and still get plenty of new players =) Next thing is we're trying to find a spot to play for the winter. If any of you Boston playaz are ever in our city of brotherly love, check out our facebook and come play with us! Four square is love!

<3 Maureen

PS. Expect a contingency of Philly ballers at the world champs. We bringin it!!

Seems a tad odd, not being able to play ball games in a park. The world appears to be becoming more apocolytic by the second. The future doesn't look to bright I feel, so much restrictions being placed on the people. A world only for the rich is soon to emerge. I hope you guys have your extra strategy in place.