Dear Sean, My school is having some trouble with four square. (every one is making rules that dont make sense such as punch-u-l8tr and fire-in-the-house!) My school is called Stevenson Elementary School in Mesa,AZ 85208. I would love it if u could come and give a speech or send a letter to the school with a list of the rules that we can tape near all the 4-Square courts. Thank you 4 your time. Wesley T, 8/1/2010

It just so happens that we have developed the Official Rules of Four Square, with rules pulled from not only our league but from other groups and playgrounds as well. You can print these out and hang them up next to your court. It might help.

If any of your scumbag competitors want to dispute them then tell them to take it up with our Google rankings, cause we all know that once you are at the top of the search results then you are pretty stinking legit.

In other news, four square is also a game that many people like because you can make up special rules. Despite our work to make official rules, playgrounds have their own way of doing things and this just might be the way yours will work. It could be that you just have to eliminate the people from the court who are making the crappy rules. Once you get to the top, you can run your games anyway you like.

If none of that works, just let me know. I'll show up in Arizona - just like Godzilla "shows up" in Tokyo.