Dear Sean,
Saw the blurb about your league in the Globe Sidekick and I kind of want to check it out. Would the best thing be to just show up at the next league date, or is there something a little more informal? I haven't played four square in probably 15 years, and I'm sure some of the rules I played with are different from the ones that you play with. What's the best course of action for a newbie like me? Thanks! - Chris, 12/15/2007

Hi Chris, thanks for the note.

Best thing to do for a guy like you is to just show up and play some four square. We got lots of drop-in folks like you, we can teach you the rules in a couple of minutes. Tons of folks in our league haven't played four square since middle school or earlier, and several have never played four square at all. Its one of those great games, though, that you never forget since the rules are so simple and yet so sophisticated that it can scale for all the ages.

Anyway, come to the Y at the start of the next game, we generally have a 1-1:30 warm up time at the start of each game to help with late arrivals and late bloomers like you, too! See you then.