Dear Sean,

If the ball enters a square on the fly, and the player hits the ball in their own square before it goes to another square, is the player who hit the ball out? -Jody 10/25/2013

If a ball bounces in a player A's square and player A doesn't hit the ball, then bounces in player B's square, is player A out for not hitting the ball? -Kimberly 9/24/2013

I thought "air hits" (playing the ball before it bounces in your square) was illegal? -Arthur 8/27/2013

Is a player allowed to touch the ball before the ball bounces in their square? -Cody 7/25/2013

and so on...

We literally get this question once a month despite our rules stating the answer to this question quite clearly. The answer is simple. It matters who or what touched the ball last.

Once the ball hits a square, ONLY the owner of that square may touch the ball next. It hits her square, it is her ball. If she fails to hit it, she is out. If she hits it out of bounds, she is out. If someone else hits it before she does, that is called "poaching" and the other person is out.

Once a player hits a ball, ANYONE can hit it before it touches down in a square again. It can ricochet off players countless times without hitting the ground and it's still good. Once the ball drops in a square again, though, only one person can touch it next.

Do you see the parallel construction above? If the ball was: Touched by a square then it's off limits; Touched by a player then it's fair game.

Oh, and to clear it up. You don't have to stand in your own square all the time. You can stand and run anywhere you want. Just don't leave your square unprotected - someone will get the jump on you.

I hope this can finally answered your poaching and possession question(s) and you can get back to playing games!