Dear Sean,
I'm the teen director at the boys and girls club here at Cape Cod Mass where foursquare has recently become a club favorite game to play, and I've got a few questions for you. First off, how do you hand out trophies for a TEAM in a game with four people and the people are continuously changing? And secondly the staff here has become ADDICTED to the game, how do we get invites to the next ?World Championship?? - Russ 5/9/08

Thanks for the note, Russ, glad to see you have such a strong scene. I have a few answers to your few questions.

First note that we track individual players scores through each game for the entire season and because of this we can pull out interesting numbers. When we do team scoring we track the performance of each player and then average them out by the number of players on the team. If there are four people on a team and two of them score a 10 (this is an example) and two of them score a zero then the team score is 5. We don't worry about a team taking over the court and working together because in four square there is only one person scoring points at any one time.

At the world champs, we give out a team trophy or faction trophy based on the scores of the people in the final round of the tournament. If the final round of the tourney is filled with 50% Boston kids and smaller percentages of other factions then its likely that Boston performed better as a group, if you know what I mean.

If you want to be at the world championships of four square, then you need only show up. They are held in Jan-Feb each year and are an open invitation to four square players all over the globe. The folks up in Maine are extremely friendly and gracious hosts and will go out of their way to make the event awesome - just ask the current Canadian men's world champ.