Dear Sean
Here is a new custom rule, "popcorn". This means any player may hit the ball as many times as he wants in the air after it has bounced once in his square. This rule is similar to double taps. - "the unkown" 4/4/2009

Unknown, huh? Thanks for that note, popcorn is indeed the name of the "unlimited taps" rule where players are allowed to continually hit or bobble the ball until they decided to release it into another court.

Popcorn is also the dirtiest rule I ever saw played on the court. It gives a player unlimited time to set up a shot, and often opens the door for mean and unfair play. It brings back some painful memories of Bridget Hockstetter and her groupies.

She owned recess. She wasn't especially good a four square but once she was sitting pretty in the top square then she intended to never let it go.

Half of the time she would play the offensive tactic of calling other players out on questionable terms. You never had a chance to defend yourself because she would either yell louder than you, have a snappier retort ready before you, or simply start the next game before you could open your mouth. Her cronies in line would help leverage the mob rule, and pretty much whatever Bridget did was the word.

And the other half of the time, she would use the popcorn rule.