Dear Sean,
I was wondering if you could give me all of the details concerning the league games and world championships. - Chudy, 12/4/2007

Chudy, thanks for the letter. I can tell you quite a bit about the four square world championships, but its actually documented quite well on this site and on other sites as well.

Firstly, its hosted by the Maine Lakes Association in Bridgton, ME, each summer, operated by Peter Lowell. Its an open invitation this year for Feb 16, 2008, for anyone to come, register, and hope to win some chrome. The time and location has not been confirmed but keep your eyes on the announcement for changes.

Its a family event so there are lots of kids there, and the champs are broken into divisions so adults, kids and seniors are in their own competition. It happens that the Ladies World Champion title has always been held by our Squarefour group, with Dana Ostberg in 2005 and 2006, and now Justine Petrillo in 2007. We're grooming some fine women here to make sure that title comes home with us again.

Hope this is good info for you, and hope to see you there.