Dear Sean,
Thanks for providing this great website. Would like to ask if you would provide a copy of the score keeping sheets that you use in tournaments. I'll be making an after school activities league at my school and am sure that you've put a lot of time into designing a great score scoring sheet. -Coach Jensen, 11/4/2010

Coach, thanks for dropping a line. We're happy to share our resources and knowledge especially with people working in public schools, universities, churches, or correctional facilities.

First you have to understand how we keep score, then you can check out our billboards for final score calculations. Once you've got your head wrapped around that you can finally get your hands on very sophisticated printable spreadsheet that we use on the days of the games.

There are other methods to keeping score. Rather than recording these numbers and doing tons of math each week, you could run this as a double or triple elimination tournament. We have used pieces of tape to represent the numbers of eliminations each player has been dealt. Just some food for thought.

Hey, you removed all the links in there, where can i find a score sheet