Dear Sean,
In the rules I couldnt find out if the ball was served to you when you hit back to someone can you hold the ball? And do you have to serve to D? -Branden, 11/8/07 10:19 AM"

I'm not sure I understand the question, Branden, but here is what I think you are asking.

No one is allowed to hold or catch the ball at any time, unless the special black jack rule has been called. And even when black jack is called, it does not apply to the first return of the ball. You cannot catch a serve when using black jack.

I don't know what you mean by D, but maybe you mean the number of the square for serving. We always serve from square four to square one, and we make them diagonal from each other.

Hope this helps, let me know more if this doesn't clear things up and I can take another stab at it.