I'm back from my holiday break which I spent chopping down trees with my knuckles and crushing four square balls with my wrists in preparation for the 2008 Four Square World Championships in Bridgton, ME, on Feb 16. While I was gone, my inbox filled up with a bunch of questions that I have just now had the opportunity to answer. So, in light of my recent reflex and endurance training, I'll answer these questions in one whopping lightning round of fury. Here goes:

Dear Sean,
I was interesting in starting a local four square chapter in my area and I
was hoping you could give to me information on how to get things started
and the ball bouncing. :0) Thank you for your time! - M J Saucier III, 12/26/07

Thanks for the note MJ. The only thing it takes to get your own league started is initiative. A little bit of risk, too. Find an indoor gym space and rent it, then run adds on Craigslist, hang posters at bus stops, call other leagues, make a website, send press releases to all the papers in your area and neighboring cities, etc. Heck, drag your friends into it. Our first year only cost us $600 to run and most of that was rental fees. Good luck!

Dear Sean,
My son is 9 years old and loves (loves!!) four-square. We are looking for a local competitive four square league. We live in Longmont, Colorado approximately 50 minutes north of Denver. Please let us know what is available in this area. Thanks!! - Kirsten, 12/28/07

HI Kristen. I wish I knew what was up in Colorado for kids but thats pretty far out there for me. I don't know anything about working with minors and the possible liability risk either. I think the best think you can do to satisfy his gruesome itch is to approach your local schools and set up an afterschool four square time. The phys-ed people might be into that if it gets 9 year olds into sports and provides structured play time that keeps kids active. If the school can't staff it then see if you and some other parents can supervise it on a rotating schedule. Just a start, hope this helps.

Dear Sean,
What if you step in another person's square. Are you out? - Osa, 12/22/07

Osa, the answer is no. In our league we don't care where you stand on the court. You can run all over if you want as long as you don't interfere with other players. But its not a good idea to leave your court open, and that pretty much keeps people in their own square for other reasons.

Dear Sean,
When are you going to answer my last email? - Osa, 12/23/07

Dude, I did.

Dear Sean,
ok i got some coll ideas for 4 square we play at our school one is street 2 that means it takes 3 bounces to be out instead of 2. Another is pushball it means you cant hold the ball, and bubbling is when you just bubble. Tiny tms are when you drop it very low and is considered out. and chery bombs is when you smash it real high.Hooks no Pegs is when you sort of do a semi circle with your arm andt then you run around the court and noone can bounce it in your square.But if you dont call no pegs some one could peg you and your out.Impossibles are shots noone can get and their considered out. Abc ARE CONSIDERED SPIN SHOTS. hOPE YOU lIKE MY IDEAS! - Jim, 11/20/07

Word. Thanks for the note, Jim. Keep it real.

That's it for the holidays, hope they all went well for the rest of you and we'll be seeing you soon at either the next Boston league game or the World Champs in February.