Dear Sean,
Hi my name is Brittany and I'm with the Round Rock, TX Convention and Visitors Bureau. We are interested in hosting and bringing tournaments and competitions to Round Rock. If you wouldn't mind, please provide us with more information about such as 2009 tournaments and facility requirements. Thank you - Brittany Wilson,, 5/30/08

Hi Britt, thanks for the message. It would be real cool if you guys down in Texas took an interest in four square.

We have one major event each year, the Four Square World Championships which take place in February. We've had about 100 people register each year and we're starting to outgrow our current arena. In fact, we're looking for a city that is willing to build us a new stadium so we can blow the lid off our registration caps. Round Rock, that city could be you.

Sean, Round Rock is interested in the Four Square World Championships! Is there a location already for February of 2009? Tell me more about the logistics of the Championships. What size is the arena that you are outgrowing, and what size space do you need in terms of square footage?? Do you have to play on hardwood floors?? If you have any questions feel free to use the email above, or go to the Web site I provided. Thanks for getting in touch so soon. -Brittany Wilson