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We will be here in 2016!

Dear Sean and Peter, On behalf of our family and the entire Cape Elizabeth contingent, we just wanted to thank you for a great experience on Saturday night. You put on a terrific event but even better was the goodwill and sportsmanship shown by all. Everything was well run, friendly and pretty funny too!

Get live tweets from the World Champs! sean Fri, 02/20/2009 - 02:07

Thanks to our long time member Ben LaPointe, you too can be reading live Twitter updates from the Four Square World Championships on Feb 28, 2009. If you can't be there then follow Ben's tweets for messages and photos of the day's progression right here.

We're coming [from Pennsylvania]

Dear Sean. First, if you hit the ball and it touches any part of your inside line, albeit a centimeter of it, are you out? Second, is there any spiking rule in the men’s league that you play or are you allowed to spike it as hard as you want? Is this frowned upon in competition? Third, is blood on the serve only when the serve is unreturnable or also when the receiver plays a shot off the serve that is unreturnable. Fourth, how is a showdown actually performed?