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Can an American guy fit into this square at all?

Dear Sean, You stated the court size is 16' square... Are you sure? I am not an American and use the International Metric System - but when I converted it into my system the size is ridiculuously small. Not sure your math skills (we hear a lot about very low American education level here) - but 16' square is 4'x4' (about 1.2m each side!!!) and then divided further into four squares... means each square is 2'x2'... - can an American guy fit into this square at all??? Don't think so. Can you please look into it again, amend it and preferrably show International Metric System sizes. Thanks and regards from Sweden.

Your Balls Keep Breaking?

Dear Sean, I have bought 2 4 square balls in one month and they both popped. Are they not made like they use to be. I am disappointed in this. I have paid close to $20 for both. I purchased these at different stores and neither one made it. I am not going to keep purchasing them if this keeps happening. Please give me some advice. There is nothing around that would pop them.

Are these really the official rules? sean Tue, 05/26/2009 - 22:17

Dear Sean, Hi. I saw the rules on your site and I like them, but where can I find the OFFICIAL four square rules? I play with some friends who poach all the time, and they want the official rules to prove it's not allowed. They don't believe the rules on your site since they aren't considered official.


Dear Sean, I'm a youth worker at a church K-8 after school program near Kansas City. The kids show up for three hours when school lets out. We lead games and activities that try to teach church values.