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A Message to Bridgton (and UCONN and all of Newfoundland)

This is just a friendly note to let you all know that we will be at the Four Square World Championships on Feb 28, 2009. To all the good folks in Bridgton, the great people of Portland, all of the UCONN four square team, the barbarians of the north in Newfoundland, and all the citizens of the great nations attending the championships - take a good, hard look at the fiercest competition you'll ever face. See you there.

"I am trying to write a paper..."

Dear Sean, I am trying to write a paper on promoting four square. The only problem is there is not a lot of resources out on the internet. Could you help me with some of the pro's of playing four square, so far I only have: you can make it your own game, simple instructions, not a lot of materials, any age group, and hand eye coordination? Please help me out.

Are leg shots legal? sean Tue, 01/06/2009 - 13:45

Dear Sean, If a server serves the ball correctly and it bounces into square 2, opposite from square 4, whereupon the receiver returns the ball to the server hitting him in the knee followed by the ball hitting an inside line, is the server out?