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Philadelphia's Balls Get Blocked by Cops

A culture of pick up four square has been forming in a public park in Philadelphia. Just when they were gaining some traction with their hood, the city was forced to clamp down on their ball playing policy. Apparently, there is no ball playing allowed in city parks - including footballs and baseballs and four square balls - and these kids have to find a new home.

What if it bounces in my square then bounces in another? sean Tue, 07/28/2009 - 01:38

Dear Sean, So we've been rockin the 4 square every summer for some time now, but just got back into it this summer. There's been a hot debat on a specific rule and we'd like some clarification. so here's teh court set up: looking birds eye view, square one is on the north west quadrant, square 2 is below that in the sw quadrant, square 3 in se and square 4 ne. If a person in square one taps teh ball into square 4, but the ball only bounces once in that square and then lands in square 3, does the person in square 4 have to hit it?

How do I know if a person actually hit the ball?

Dear Sean, i would like to know if a 'phantom' hit is allowed? here is an example of what i mean. a ball is returned from square 1 to square 2 (my square). it bounces once and carries into square 4. i approach the ball and act as though i am going to hit it in a certain direction/part of square 4, and just as my hand is about to hit the ball, i stop. i allow the ball to continue in the direction that it was traveling while only slightly grazing the ball with my fingers. the ball, having hardly any of its momentum taken away from it, would continue to bounce in square 4 with the owner of that square out of position because of where i was feigning to hit the ball. Is this legal?