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Another shot at four square's history...

Dear Sean, I was reading the blog of a local upcycling carpentry company here in Cleveland, Ohio. "Piece of Cleveland" salvages lumber from razed buildings and creates new furniture. The former Stanard Elementary School was one. The Stanard site is now a big community garden. Some of those old bricks now grace my garden walkways. It has been rumored that our beloved game of four square was born on that playground. Could you confirm or correct that notion?

Someone is Making Crappy Rules

Dear Sean, My school is having some trouble with four square. (every one is making rules that dont make sense such as punch-u-l8tr and fire-in-the-house!) My school is called Stevenson Elementary School in Mesa,AZ 85208. I would love it if u could come and give a speech or send a letter to the school with a list of the rules that we can tape near all the 4-Square courts.

Cambridge City Council Congratulates Christian!

City Councilor Sam Seidel made an appearance at Squarefour's recent game to congratulate Christian Housh on earning his recent title of the Men's Four Square World Champion. It's a great thing that the City of Cambridge can get behind our small organization. Christian Housh was resolved right into Cambridge history as "one of the great people who eat, sleep, work and play in the our city."

World Champs Rocked: National Coverage

The 2010 Four Square World Championships event on Feb 27, 2010, was the biggest we have ever seen. It was fully outfitted with 100 players on eight championship courts and crowned a number of new world champions for the year. In the photo above you will see nearly all the competitors attending this event, except for the ones who raced out to their swanky prep trailers to hit their saunas between rounds.