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I am ill nasty

Dear Sean, I am (what i like to think of as) a good four-squrare-er... I have seen your movies and rule films, but i was wondering if you had ill-nastys (behind the back,around the head,between the legs), voleys (before it bounces in your square,you hit it),reach-voleys (same but it doesnt have to be goin in your square,it could be on its way to someone elses square), cant get out on serve, or holds (where you hold it...)? im my school i call,"etreme foursquare" this is double touch, voleys, reachvoleys ,ill nastys, and hold as long as your in the air. and i can get almost anyone out...i would like to join you and posssible come to a compatition in maine and compete.

Getting a thing going in LA

Dear Sean, I'm interested in finding people to play Foursquare with in LA -- perhaps even starting a league. Can you give me any advice in that direction? I think it's awesome that you have such a big group of people to play with -- now if only Boston were closer to Los Angeles.