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Are Smashes Allowed?

Dear Sean, Are smashes allowed? I’m trying to settle a dispute between my classmates and my teachers and nobody can find anything. These are also sometimes called cherry bombs. The reason the teacher is saying we can’t use them is because it’s going over their head and it can hurt the younger kids who are on the playground with us. Please answer this burning question!

Neutral Gender and Rollerskates

Dear Sean, I was just wondering whether you could adjust the rules to remove references to gender. In some places you use he or she, him or her but in others its just her. What I suggest is that you either use "their" or simply say "the player" instead. This applies equally to the main rules and you monster custom rules list. What do you think?

Some more Aussie rules!

In Australia there are a few common rules that seem to differ from those you posted here. I am a primary school teacher who grew up playing this wonderful game and has seen it played at many schools around Australia You are correct, we often play with a standard tennis ball, but also (becoming more popular) with a slightly smaller rubber ball (boy that that thing fly!)

What if the ball hits a player's body before hitting the ground?

Dear Sean, I have looked and looked online to find somewhere where it clearly defines what the rules are about a ball hitting a player before hitting the ground in their square. For example one player hits the ball from his square into another person's square and instead of it hitting the ground it hits the player's foot! What is the call?

What if the ball is unplayable?

Dear Sean, my students are organizing a charity four squares tournament at our school for the local food pantry, and we want to make sure we've got all the rules right. I'm a former Ragin' Narwhal and think I have most of them down pat, but we came up with one question. If someone legally hits the ball into your square, but the ball immediately starts to roll OR the ball stops cold (i.e. it's unable to play off), who is out?