• Molly has collected three (count them again, THREE) Womens Maximum Clobber trophies for playing the biggest plays and sneakiest strikes a

  • Two season awardees in this photo.

  • Robert earned the title of Most Improved for 2009. His stats had the greatest positive cumulative climb over the season.

  • Christian took a small moment to decapitate the impostor Tiger Claw Bear who happened to be made out of cake.

  • Christian (aka Tiger Claw) took home the Mens 2009 League Champion this season.

  • Lori, a new league participant in 2009, collected the most improved award.

  • Ashley took home the Women's #3 title this season.

  • This was a little ditty that Tiger Claw whipped up. It was a bear. But it had a headband that said Tiger Claw.

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