Four Stitches in the Face

  • Posted on: 4 March 2009
  • By: sean

One of the women of Squarefour took a serious injury to the chin on the weekend of the Four Square World Championships in Bridgton, ME, in February of 2009. Amy incurred a grizzly cut on her lower lip that required four stitches right in the kisser.

You might think this injury was earned on the court as she did make it deep into the final round of the championship competition. But, alas, it happened when crash landing in a super-dangerous sled during the traditional consolation wintertime activity on the morning following the match.


amy's picture

you know, I thought it would take a lot longer than one world championship for me to sustain an injury grisly enough for the hall of pain... I guess I have all the luck! stitches out tomorrow. yes.

sean's picture

Got more photos of the chin without the stitches?

amy's picture

I wish, Sean! I wanted to take photos of the blood all over the snow, but everyone seemed really focused on getting me to the ED. All I've got is this and this.

sean's picture

This is amazing.

amos's picture

I hope your face is better now!

Hendershot's picture

...worth it for the story...