The fact is that we are facing tough times. On top of the currently whopping unemployment rate, the State is forced to cut 1000 more jobs this week and we're still waiting for the private sector to report back, but it doesn't look any better there either.

Squarefour, the Boston based adult four square league, will do its best to help. If you suddenly find yourself with diminutive cash flow and declining spirits, maybe this small discount can help with some of those problems. Anyone joining our four square league in these next 24 hours will receive a $10 discount on their membership into an action packed athletic club filled with warm, friendly people. You'll have an outlet for play, develop a penchant for kicking backside, and earn the right to drop your own pink slips on our court.

This discount lasts for ONE DAY ONLY and expires at 2PM on Oct 31, 2009. We don't mean to poke fun at this sad situation, but we don't want these crappy times to stand in the way of good fun play. Join us: