Yes, kids, this is what it takes.

Here are the painfully engorged hands of the new 2007 Mens World Champion of Four Square after 4 long hours of play. Jasper "The Quiet Storm" Turner of Sheffield, MA, took home these cooked hams in such a state that he had to use two paws to hold his pint. Jasper won the top prize on Feb 3, 2007, in Bridgton, ME, against 45 other registered men. In his finalist round against 8 other men he took home over 1/4 of all the points awarded, trailed only by one point runner up Christian "Tiger Claw" Housh. Four days later his fingers are no longer the size of his wrists but follow up reports from Jasper's agent say this hands are "still a little sore".

Just in case you want to see Jasper's face, and another perspective of those hands, look here.