Justine Petrillo of Cambridge, MA, earned the Women's Four Square World Champion title on Feb 3, 2007. The World Champs took place in Bridgton, ME, and saw nearly 70 players register in the competition plus an additional 30 spectators present to cheer them on.

Justine moved quickly through the divisional and semifinal rounds and entered the finals ready to fight. The finals scored 128 points between the six finalist women, Justine took home 33 points - only one point higher than the next top scoring woman. Both top women are members of Cambridge-based Squarefour and together took home half of the total points awarded in the finals. Justine becomes the first woman in history to wrest the trophy from the first and formerly undefeated ladies world champion, Dana Ostberg. Justine can be reached for comments through her publicist, here.
In other awards, Jasper "The Quiet Storm" Turner of Sheffield MA took home the Mens World Champ trophy. Audrey Castro of Portland ME takes the Senior Womens title, and undefeated three-peater Uncle Tommy Stockwell of Bridgton ME again takes the Senior Mens title. UCONN's Four Square team takes the team award. Merk O earns the Most Improved award and Ben Popik earns an Audience Choice for his sick moves despite his broken finger.
It is worth noting that our league, Squarefour, Boston, placed two of our men among the eight mens finalists, as well as placing four of our women among the six top finalists in the last round. Both mens and womens runners up were Squarefour members and fell behind the World Champ title by a margin of only one point! Condolences to Tiger Claw (Christian) and Meredith, each of whom were in scoring position when the buzzer sounded.
Squarefour would like to recognize and thank Peter Lowell of the Lakes Environmental Association in Bridgton, ME, for being the singular reason these World Championships take place each year. His hard work, dedication and hospitality are unrivaled in the professional four square realm.
You can see a full photo documentation of the event at the link below, featuring our favorite images of the new World Champions, Tiger Claw and the Bus of Rock, the UCONN Four Square Team, and many many more: http://www.squarefour.org/image/tid/26
Also note the write up in the Sun Journal.
We are also unfortunate enough to add a number of photos to our Hall of Pain, including a broken finger and some nasty looking foot injuries: http://www.squarefour.org/image/tid/25