Molly Froelich was one of the top scoring women in the 2006 Squarefour season,
herself brandishing about 170 serves and a notable number of clobber points.
Molly is pretty tough and as a veteran of the league we asked her to share some
of her advice to other women on the court. She has noticed that women often
play very differently than the men, often taking a defensive role on the court
and it doesn't always work to their advantage. Some men play very aggressive
games and in order to beat them, Molly says, women need to be aggressive too.
In a high profile, face to face interview conducted by email Molly had these
important words of wisdom to share...

  • It doesn't matter how sporty you are. Any female can be a great foursquare
    player. Its a game for all the kids outside at recess - not just the jocks.
  • Be aggressive! Move into square one with the absolute conviction that you
    are NOT getting out in the next round. Each time the ball is served, repeat
    that thought. Four square is not a contact sport so you are free to take risks.
  • Offensive moves win games! Yes, you need to protect your square, but first
    and foremost, focus on a good attack. While waiting in line, watch other players
    and notice the difference between a defensive stance and an offensive one.
    Which player moves up and which player is knocked out?
  • Take full advantage of the natural abilities women have on the court: finesse
    and fluidity. Women will succeed at foursquare without necessarily displays
    of brute force, unless, of course, we want to.
  • When serving, don't be afraid to call some rules. Take a risk! Use your
    special rule to stay in square four for as long as possible. If you're 5 feet
    tall with small hands, blackjack could be your best friend. You're already
    low to the ground; swoop down on those low ones and grab 'em!
  • Do the unexpected. Your opponent is going to be looking for your usual weak
    spots. Know your own weak areas and turn them around!
  • If playing indoors, look around for rebound opportunities. If a stack of
    gym mats is nearby, that could be a perfect place for a ricochet shot. Just
    when your opponent thinks the ball is out (and so are you) you fly outside
    the court for a bank shot!
  • The time for daydreaming is in line. When you're in the court it's your
    moment to wake up and shine - so focus on the ball and be fully present. Get
    into the four square flow.
  • Some female players give up because, unfortunately, some men are just
    better at arguing. If you know you are right then don't back down. Call a
    showdown if they keep arguing, then just beat them. Chances are the only thing
    that they ARE good at is arguing.
  • It's YOUR ball! When it bounces in your square, you're in the driver's seat.
    Meet the ball at the bus stop, don't wait for it at the mailbox. Show 'em
    whatchu got, using that special female style!!