This season has been a blast and as the last few games finish up we are scheduling our final awards banquets and lining up our trophies and other awards for the big night.

What is the formal awards banquet going to be like, you may ask. It's an evening of good food and friends, with everyone a little bit (or a lot) dressed up, and a chance to hang out with your four square buddies in a non-sweaty, non-stanky scene. When the food is done and the awards are all given out we often move to a near by juke joint for more fun and dancing.

Why should I go to the final banquet, you may also have asked. Well, here are some of the things that have happened in the past:

  • Surprise turnovers on league scores, drama ensues.
  • Surprise player polls that offer silly awards, laugher follows.
  • Great food like "Million Dollar Spaghetti", eating results.
  • Guests you never met before, digit-getting runs rampant.
  • Shocking combations of fancy outfits and flashy lights, jaws drop.

Take a look at the event calendar to see when your formal banquet is and to get your dish assignment. We hope you will be there and please bring your friends and family and anyone one else to this really fun evening.