Lock your doors and close your shutters, the 2nd Annual Four Square World Championships are here! Hosted in Bridgton, ME, on Jan 28, 2006 by the Lakes Environmental Association (story: mainelakes.org) this melee draws the greatest players on the face of the earth to do battle for posession of the coveted trophy each year.

Squarefour has a title to maintain, and a champion to de-frock. Just take note of Tom here, one of the last year's world champs pictured above, and tremble before 'the crazy' in his eyes. Don't be fooled by his friendly smile or his gray hairs, he is one mean mother and will tear you apart if you stand between him and the gold. He is but one of the world's four square giants, and the countryside will be crawling with more of his kind in a matter of days.

Anyone interested in attending the times and dates are right here. It's open to the public for a $5 entrance fee and the potential fame is priceless. Hopefully we will be seeing you there!

For a follow-up story and world champ results, read here:

Uncle Tommy cannot be stopped!! (Except by a bottle of Cabana Boy Rum)

Are you planning to attend the Bridgton Maine Four Square Fest? If so, beware of that past champion Tom Stockwell. I have competed against him in everything from Ice Golf to Cross Country Bocce. He is an overgrown boy who lives for games. (the more unusual the better) Tom has a kind heart, and will remove yours when you least expect it. He has a lanky style that will make you feel comfortable. You possibly will have thoughts that he is over rated as you go ahead of him in any game, but beware...He now has you right where he wants you! His competitive juices really start to flow when he gets behind. His style is so unorthodox that he often will get you off your game. Best of luck, Tom is always fun to loose to.

Regards, Richard Marciano

PS: Watch out for Tom's son Ben, He is a stealth warrior with a touch of his Mom's grace.


Also be aware of Meredith Benton's overhand smash.

That is all.