The 2005 Ladies League Champion known as Justine Petrillo rose to the top of a fierce pool of competitors with over three hundred serves in her very first season. She is a mysterious woman, reserved with words but quick to dish out damage on the court. We conducted this interview with Justine by email to try to gain some insight and learn why the pink slips never stop coming.

Admin: Can you tell us what parts of your character contribute most to your success last year?

Justine: Stifled aggression, a youthful spirit, and the desire to make Sunday afternoons less depressing.

Admin: During the cold New England months, what aspect of four square keeps you warm inside?

Justine: For me it's beating the men.

Admin: Some players do lots of other sports and exercises during the week and in the off season, what do you do to keep your edge?

Justine: I sling used books for a living. It doesn't help hone my four square skills, but lifting books all day makes for a good training. My wrists are totally jacked.

Admin: That's very interesting because I have always wanted to know more about bookstores. How long do you let customers hang around your store, pretending to be interested in the rare editions, when its clear they are just there for the free heat?

Justine: 42 minutes during the the winter.

Admin: If your book store sold snacks and coffee would you be more understanding of freeloaders?

Justine: Maybe, but probably not.

Admin: A 'work hard, play hard' gal like yourself must be fairly considerate of your physique. What keeps you so small, and yet so powerful?

Justine: Lots of beer and greasy fried food, pre and post game.

Admin: Being as literate and well read as you are, I'm sure you could easily describe your favorite game technique in a haiku.


Upward palms, bent knees.

Ah, the beautiful pain of

Underhand Only

Admin: And of course, if you were a color, what would you be, and why?

Justine: Brick red, like a four square playground ball.

Admin: Do you have any encouraging words for players in the coming season, or for those players who haven't yet been born?

Justine: Always value technique over brute force, in four square and in life.