Hello, Bridgton.

  • Posted on: 14 January 2010
  • By: sean

As Squarefour steps up its training program in preparation for this year's Four Square World Championships on Feb 27, 2010, in Bridgton, ME, we decided it was important to take this menacing photograph of ourselves and send it to the world.

Just saying.


Dan's picture

Sean and Company: The gang up here in Cape Elizabeth has been busily preparing for the World Championships. Thanks to Audrey, the school gym has been opened for the past 6 Saturdays for secret practices, and we've been averaging about 20 people a week. And we finally moved into our new house last June, and our underground training facility (aka the basement) has seen nearly daily use. We would send some menacing pictures, but we figured leaving it to your imaginations would be even more intimidating. Seriously, we are really looking forward to next week and to seeing all the great people from Squarefour again!

Dan F, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Kerry's picture

Best of luck squarefour-ers! Anyone live tweeting/facebooking/messenger pigeoning the action this weekend?