Greatest Distance Traveled

  • Posted on: 4 March 2009
  • By: sean

This gentleman traveled from the steamy weather of Florida just to attend the Four Square World Championships in Bridgton, ME, on Feb 28, 2009. This makes him the one contender who traveled the greatest distance for the love of the game.

It's also important to note that in his gym bag he was carrying not only his athletic "Millertyme" jersey but also this stylish women's wig and a pair of plaid footie-style pajamas which were all showcased at different stages of the evening.



Clint "Millertyme" Miller's picture

Wow that dude is ugly, sure doesn't look anything like that Millertyme guy. I believe this is "Cools" in a mullet wig.

sean's picture

Has Cools got a real name I can attribute to this photo?

Ben's picture

His full legal name is Jim Awesome Cools

Hendershot's picture


James Cooley
Mullet whig (male...?)
Onesie pajamas brighten anyone's day, and boy are they comfy!

Sean, thank you for making me famous.

Brooke's picture

Jim Cools, ah...a fantastic 4^2 ICON for this highly regarded web page. Finally he gets some much deserved press!! This man really began THE 4^2 movement in Eastern CT & is spreading the joy as he travels around the world.

cleaveD's picture

That guy has started a four square movement in FL. Im sure you will see him again.