Thank you, Peter Lowell

  • Posted on: 4 March 2009
  • By: sean

Squarefour would like to issue an official thank you to Peter Lowell, the head honcho at the Lakes Environmental Association in Bridgton, ME, who dreamed up the Four Square World Championships so many years ago. It's clear that without his initiative and hard work that the Champs would never have gotten off the ground nor would they have grown into such an excellent event.

Peter is an excellent and gracious host, awesome caretaker of the world championship torch and, as you can see here, he is an excellent extreme sled rider the likes of which no one in Maine has ever seen before.

UPDATE! Peter writes back:

"Thank you all for your kind and supportive messages. All of us at LEA and in Bridgton have thoroughly enjoyed our friendship with the four square community. I look forward to 2010 and will throw in a few twists to keep the event fresh. Please visit us in the summer for a whole new experience. We will outfit you with kayaks or will try to get you on the water torpedo. Thanks to Squarefour and Sean for making the organizing much easier!" - Peter Lowell



cnglasser's picture

thanks so much for putting this together. i had a great time -- i think everybody did.

for ten bucks, i will attend any party you throw (as long as there's t-shirts and trophies involved).

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This was my first world championship, and as long as I'm in the United States I will make it a priority to come back to the World Championship. Thank you for a job well done.


Mike's picture

Thanks for all of the work that you put into a great event. This was my first trip to the world championships and I will definitely be back next year!


Sarah's picture

Hi Peter,
Thanks so much for hosting us this year. You are always so welcoming and we all had a blast!


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Peter, thank you so much! Your enthusiasm for foursquare and for bringing folks together is inspiring, and the amount of fun I had this past weekend far exceeded my expectations (and I had pretty high expectations)! I will definitely be back in years to come (and plan on bartering for that snowsuit you let me borrow).

Hope you can make down to Boston one of these Sundays!


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I wasn't sure quite what to expect in my first weekend in Bridgton, but all I know is that I spent most of the weekend smiling uncontrollably. It was my first Four Square World Champs and it was... kind of like a dream. Seriously.

This weekend was amazing, and wouldn't have been possible without all your hard work and your fun spirit. So, thank you so much for what was surely the high point of the winter-- ER visit and lip stitches included!

See you soon, or next year!


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Thanks, Peter! I had a great first-time experience at the World Championships and hope to be back for more in the future -- thanks so much for organizing such a fun and worthwhile event! Lori

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Thanks for putting the World Championship together. What an awesome event! I enjoyed talking with you at the Black Horse Tavern as well. You are a really, really cool/awesome man!



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Peter - You rock. Period. End of story. Seriously, thanks for an awesome time this weekend. It was truly bigger and better and still ran like a nicely-oiled machine. No one does organized chaos quite like you! Also, your calm in the face of adversity is truly to be admired (see Amy's post above).

See you next year,

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Hey Peter, we had a blast, can't wait until next year!

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Peter - thanks so much for an awesome weekend. I'm sorry if I confused you for your twin brother again. For the third year in a row.

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You outdid yourself this year. Not only did you put together a great tournament full of friendly faces and fierce competition, but you made everyone feel right at home. Thank you for a wonderful weekend I hope to see you for many more Four Square Championships!



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I'm not sure what to add. You run a tight ship, Peter, and we all appreciate your hard work. I was looking forward to my second trip to the World Championships for months, and you did not disappoint. So, keep it up, and know that I am in awe of your dedication and skilz.


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Peter, thanks for hosting the World Championships again and the hangover sledding (I still miss being pulled behind your jeep while inside of a shack). See you next year!

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Hi Peter, thanks so much, this was such a good time! I think it will be one of the new highlights of my year!

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Floridians aren't as nice as you.
The offer to crash here is always open.


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From one Peter to another - thanks for doing so much behind-the-scenes work to make the World Championships a possibility! This was my 3rd year coming to Bridgton, and I look forward to it every time. Already plotting how to get past the semi-finals next year...

All best,
Pete C.

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Peter, thanks for another great year of foursquare and fun! You throw a great party/sporting event.

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I second what everyone has already said, thank you so much! Not only do you provide us with a great event, but there is always something amazing the next day.

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Late to the party as usual, but this was my third World Championships and my third terrific time. Thanks so much for everything you do to make this one of the dependable highlights of my year.