Four Square Court Locations

Jacksonville, FL

Foursquare is different in Florida.

Mainly foursquare is played with younger people. The majority of the people who play are students of Stanton College Preparatory, or alums. Here foursquare is only played with volleyballs for their light weight and sure grip. Foursquare is wither played inside with tape or outside on concrete. The rules are similar, but there are no changing of the rules with different kings(people in the fourth square), like double tapping. This makes for the players to play harder not sillier. Also nearly every object is considered a "wall". This makes it possible to play a ball off a person that is standing in line. Another thing different is that when first serving the kind does not have to serve to the diagonal square, he can choose to serve it to any.


United States
30° 21' 8.7984" N, 81° 40' 22.0728" W
Sophie's picture

I just graduated elementary school and I used to play four square a lot in 5th grade. I think it's a really fun game. I wanted to try to play it over the summer, so I took some chalk and drew the four squares on the sidewalk. It worked out great! I'm glad I was able to continue playing four square throughout the summer!!!!!!!!! Once again, so fun!

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Me too! I'm kinda sad to see a lot of my friends going to other middle schools, though. :(