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Jump-ball? (from Chicago)

Has anyone played jump-ball? It may be common, as it's pretty popular in Chicago. I haven't seen any mention of it on the site - but I may just be missing it.

Jump-ball rules are as such.

- You cannot touch the ball while your feet are touching the ground, therefore you must jump when the ball comes to you, and get rid of the ball before you land. If you are touching the ball at any point while your feet are touching the ground, you are out.

- You can HOLD the ball as long as you are in the air. You don't have to simply "hit" the ball - you can hold it, and throw it.

Fun variation, good exercise, and great "fake-out" opportunities.

Maybe you all know this one - not sure, but I thought I'd give it some "air-time" - Eh? Eh? :)



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