Four Square Court Locations

Between Kemps Lake and Easton Forest, VA

Who paints a four square court in the center of a basketball court? I suppose if kids weren't playing full court then the center could still be used for 4's. It looks like it's also more dimensional than just basketball and foursquare, too. Like badminton or volleyball could be done in the same footprint. There seem to be three possible courts on this one park at the same time, which is cool with me.

I don't live anywhere near here so I can't vouch for the state or officialness of the court, but I can at least identify some on Google maps. It's up to you to check them out and report back.

These aren't so difficult to find if you know what to look for. From outer space, look for schools, parks, rec fields and I promise you'll find something that either is or can serve as a four square court.


United States
36° 50' 19.7052" N, 76° 10' 15.8484" W
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Is this an active court?

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Oh, same guy here. I just read the description. I am going there tomorrow or the next day to investigate. :) thanks.