Four Square Court Locations

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United States
36° 48' 46.0404" N, 76° 7' 45.4404" W
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Start a tournament, that will get some local play.

BTW, you have some serious athletic fields and courts near your neighborhood, I found a local four square court that looks like a short trip from you place. Drop by there and let me know if what I found on Google maps is actually a four square court or a badminton court, they look so similar from outer space.

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I'm pretty sure those are badmitten, I've never seen four square there, and I live rather close to that rec. center. I will definately go make sure those. Thank you so much :)

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Actually, they are four square courts. good hunting! I will have to check the size though.

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And here is another in your area, can you check this one out and let us know what the heck is up there? The lines are all whacko but it looks promising: