Four Square Court Locations

Has anyone ever used this? It's interesting but I'm not sure it would work for a little group like us.


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it's cool. i think it could work

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I created a 'team' on Sportsvite, but it didn't seem as if I could do much else. Dates are posted so lets see if it draws any attention.

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perhaps is more what you're looking for?

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And the verdict is: None of these sites have provided useful!

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During the downtimes at my job I plan four square tournaments, leagues, and a charity event Field Day.

I was in need of a better technology, so I evaluated sportsvite, yoplayas, gamesnake, playnotwatch, and playcoed

By far the best was .

PlayCoed is free, has more organizational functions than any of the other sites, and allows for more flexibility for my events. I first contacted them to get set up as an organizer. Their customer service was friendly and fast. Once I was set up as an organizer, I could post my events, email players and teams invitations, and create a schedule in the matter of minutes.

They also allow me take payments and registrations which was a necessity for me, but again a flexible option. I was able to run reporting during the season and at the end too.

sportsvite was decent, but wasn't useful for what I had to accomplish and the others I didn't even consider

- Katie B.