Four Square Court Locations

A lifetime of pirate haikus

Haikus by me, then haikus by David W. in NYC:
Me ---->

uncharted island
spotted on the horizon;
shiver me timbers

ten paces northeast;
frenzy of shovels, sweat, and
really foul language

poor depth perception
bumping into everything,
first day with eye patch

bristling smelly
men gesturing with sharp knives;
cold water below

Argh, pirate booty.
'tis second only to a
good bottle of rum!

Raid the tavern and
sail away with all the booze;
four sheets to the wind

"Wheel in your pants, mate?"
Pirate says to the doctor,
"It's driving me nuts!"

David W. ------>

With parrot in place
The Captain paced the poop deck
"Man the cannons, mates!"

His peg-leg tapping
"Where's the grog, ye scruvy dogs!!??"
Warm rum tastes like piss

We've boarded the ship
We've made their men walk the plank
The sharks are happy

Ship spotted starboard
The skull and crossbones is raised
Here there be monsters!

The booty is hid
We drew our "X" on the map
Curse you land lubbers!


United States