2007 Four Square World Championships

  • Posted on: 22 January 2007
  • By: sean

Town Hall, Bridgton, ME

Event Description:
For a follow-up on the World Champs results from Feb 3,2007, read here:

There will be a massive turn out in Bridgton, ME, to battle for the greatest four square title in the world. This event is hosted by the Lakes Environmental Association based in Bridgton, ME, on Feb 3, 2007, starting at the Town Hall at 5PM.
The event is open to the public and costs only $10 USD to register, there is no advance registration but please email an RSVP to Peter Lowell lakes@megalink.net with an indication of where you are coming from and how many attendees you are bringing. This event is a fundraiser for the Lakes Environmental Association and registration fees directly support the local environmental work they do.
For travelers there are a number of places to stay and things to do around Bridgton. We recommend staying at Grady's Motel which is less than one mile from the World Champs event. Also please join the athletes in a post game pub run at the 302 Roadhouse for food and beverages. There are also other wintertime activities to be had in the Bridgton area (including downhill skiing) and great sites and restaurants in nearby Portland. Make a weekend out of it!
Squarefour will organize transportation and carpooling for league members and friends, we strongly encourage members to compete in this great event since we often take home a percentage of the titles. In fact, both the 2006 men's and women's world championship titles were brought home by Squarefour members, Patrick Miller of Vermont and Dana Ostberg of Massachusetts. Senior Mens Champ Tom "Uncle Tommy" Stockwell of Maine brought home his second title in as many years and is clearly a top contender in the next round in February.
Anyone interested in attending please note that the final times and locations will be published as months draw near . It's open to the public for a $10 entrance fee, the potential fame is priceless. Hopefully we will be seeing you there!

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I've been informed by Peter Lowell that the UCONN Four Square team will be attending with 6-10 peoples.

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Tiger Claw will bring his "Bus of Rock" Winnebago and a number of buddies (another 6-10 maybe?) to the World Championships.

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Two time Ladies World Champ Dana Ostberg will defend her title on Feb 3. This is confirmed.

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Just to let people in on the rules that are going to be in affect for the World Championships. Apparantly the last few years ther has been confusion regarding the "special" rules used while in the four square (i.e. blackjack, bobble ect.). Not everybody is familiar with them and has caused confict in the past. These rules are now abolished!!!! According to Peter, the only rules in affect is the overhand smash/spike is perfectly legal and will be used mercilessly.
Get ready, maybe bring a helmet, and be prepared for some awesome games.

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Actually, Peter and I only eliminated one rule. The three remaining sanctioned rules are what we call double taps, body language and underhand only. The first two are optional when called, the third is required when called. Read up on them on our rules page.

These rules add important layers of strategy and rightfully force players to learn different techniques - one-trick-pony players don't do well. We know that few sports (if any) are ever won by brute force alone. Anyway, we'll start off with a mini-workshop to be sure the rules are fully understood before we get into the general competition round.

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It seems that this isn't what he was telling people at the "practice" sessions that have been happening for the past couple of weeks. But I guess we'll find out on Saturday for sure. But I agree that these three rules would seriossly affect the stragtegery of the game, and make it a bit more challenging. Regardless of the rules, lets have some good games... It is the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP for crying out loud! I am looking forward to seeing everybody on the court.