Where is everybody?

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Some moved. Some just stopped playing.

Maybe we could put up posters with the group shot from 2004. Have you seen these 4square-Players? Maybe we'll get Mary C. and that crowd back up from JP.

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I'm not sure why there are fewer and fewer players each year. I think that 2005 (last year) is actually normal and that 2004 was high. We used Friendster and MySpace heavily in 2004 to promote our league, and back then everyone and their mothers were glued to those sites. I think that's what caused the trend...

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I'm presuming that all of the folks who did play in 04 and 05 have already been hit via email, etc to see if they want to play. Is it worth trying to hit any of them again via phone tree or something to invite them back into the fold? I would love to do what we can to make sure we get the full 9 games in.

And for the record, I resent the implication about my mother on friendster.

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I realize that the bottom ten scorers in 2004 barely attended any games at all, and weren't nearly as involved as the top 20. Some folks definitely get excited and involved and then trickle off as their interest dwindles. Using 2005 as the best example of a successful enrollment, we are 'almost there' for 2006. We got another enrollment today.

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Life has been funny lately. It's caused me to miss the last game, the world champs (which I thought I'd do this year) and I'm not going to make it next time either (for non-Super Bowl related reasons). No trophy for me again this year.

I hope to make it back on 2/19. We'll see.

And folks wondering about Super Bowl Sunday, it's a great day for 4-square. Attendance is small, so you can get lots of play in and bring your scores up (unless Jason is on the court). The game ends at 5, so you can still make it to someplace to watch the game and feel better knowing you've engaged in (quasi-)athleticism in addition to watching it.