The Squarefour League of 2003-2012

For almost ten years, we operated a four square league for adults in the Boston area. We played thousands of rounds of four square in the YWCA and YMCA gymnasiums in Central Square, Cambridge, MA. We still see our league members in the area and they still hold fond memories of their experience with our group. Presented here on this page is a little history of our now shuttered league and our members final scores - with hopes this can serve as a model for any other group out there wishing to start their own league.

Because you guys always ask, here is the quick story. Sean Effel and Dana Ostberg founded Squarefour in the fall of 2003. Sean and Dana were old camp buddies from their summers at the Becket Chimney Corners YMCA in Becket, MA. Both came from a convoluted background of middle school and summer camp four square play and found Boston in great deficit of alternative sporting events. They committed to band together to bring the crazy. As mentioned on NPR's Only A Game broadcast, the two dreamed up the league idea while illegally skinny dipping in a private pond somewhere north of Boston.

Why did we do this?

Running a community oriented sports league was very rewarding and tons of tun. We enjoyed being the hub of so much activity and interest and thrived on being the facilitators of adult play. The league offered two really important things for adults, especially in the Boston area. It's really hard to play organized sports in the winter. This league was a great sporting environment that rode the line between athletic and social. Each of our participants got involved because they wanted the activity, or they wanted to meet interesting people, or a combination of both. Boston is a difficult place to find these things.

Squarefour aimed to create great competitive and social spaces for folks of all ages to enjoy causal sporting activities. Members approached this league from all different ages and ability, mostly concentrated in the late twenty and early thirty somethings. At any given time, Squarefour totalled 25-40 members. Sadly the league dwindled in numbers and was shuttered in 2012 due to low enrollment. Boston four square community members continue to independently attend and compete in the Four Square World Championships in Bridgton, ME, each year.

What does "rejuvenile" mean to us?

Rejuvenile is a term dreamed up by some author that suggested adults are trying to escape the throes of a post 9/11 American society by playing childhood playground games. The term was threatening to catch on, but a lot of the players in our league thought it was bogus. Many of us have been playing four square since we were kids. Ultimate frizbee and kickball are all well established sporting institutions. These activities have been going on for years but only now something changed that put the word out better...

What we believe we saw was the capacity of the social web to help niche ideas like our four square league to organize. The generations of adults who saw the birth of the internet have been using online social applications to do so many things like organizing parties, registering for weddings, etc, its only logical that they may use them to organize their play times as well. And once its on the web, its real and big like never before, and everyone could finally see what these communities were all about.

Great, can I get some photos?
You sure can, take a look at all the links below for photos, flyers, etc.

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