Crushed Collar Bone

  • Posted on: 16 February 2010
  • By: sean

You know I don't want to cheapen the Hall of Pain with so many non-four square related injuries but it's worth mentioning our league member, Amos, and his crushed collar bone. He earned this on his bike this month and as you can see it will likely take him out of the season for a little while. We got together and all autographed a ball for him to keep in the house and fill him with purpose while he heals. He writes us from his percoset-lair:

"You can't fool me with all your scary posturing. You're all a bunch of squishy softies with hearts made out of caramel. Thanks for the ball. -Amos"


Mino's picture

Hey dude,what happen to you? I hope you are fine by now.

collarbone pain's picture

ouch, hope you heal soon.