City Congratulates Squarefour Women

  • Posted on: 22 March 2009
  • By: sean

Justine Petrillo (right) and Christina Laverentz (left) received a special personal visit and congratulations from the Vice Mayor of the City of Cambridge, Sam Seidel (center), today at our final scored game of the four square season. Justine is the three time ladies world champion of four square, vetted during the past three years in Bridgton, ME. Christina is this year's runner up to the title.

One of the interesting things that Mr. Seidel said, in addition to reading the City's proclamation to congratulate the two league women, was that Cambridge is indeed filled with all sorts of interesting communities and that Squarefour is one of them. He was impressed with the complexity of this small league and the passion the players held for the game. Mr. Seidel also rightfully pointed out that this was a community of champions and proceeded to read the official proclamation from the Mayor, City Council and Residents of Cambridge.

Mr. Seidel was an excellent sport, as well. He spent a few minutes warming up, doing stretches, and preparing to try the game for the very first time. When he stepped up onto the court he was unceremoniously annihilated by Justine Petrillo, the very woman he came to congratulate. Granted, his untimely destruction can be chalked up to collateral damage as players scrambled to climb a final notch in their season rankings.

Justine has won three world championship titles in three years and three proclamations from the City of Cambridge. Don't miss the video of Vice Mayor Sam Seidel reading the proclamation.


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Congratulations, ladies!