Registration is Open!

  • Posted on: 18 October 2005
  • By: sean

The flood gates are open now for the upcoming 2006 four square season! At the time of this posting there is a little more than a month remaining before the November 20 skill workshop and if you haven't thought about playing with us this year then now is the time to ponder.

Membership for league play in both Boston and Burlington is only 40 bucks. That comes out to a little less than a nice dinner with a special someone, and certainly not much more than a full tank of gas in the winter, but neither one of those will provide the same enriching experiences we can offer.

Your small membership fee gains you access to all of our league games, special competition opportunities, online statistical analysis of your season performance, a hot looking t-shirt and dozens of hours of fun with a great group of people.

Our players come from all over the map in terms of skill, experience, althetic fitness, age and background. We are sure you will enjoy getting to know them (and potentially sending them back to the end of the line.)

Please take a moment to look over our site and materials and consider joining us for the 2006 season. When you are ready follow this link to register, you won't regret it:

See you soon!