Mailbox, Bus Stop, Tea Party

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The back corner of each square is called the Mailbox, and when the person in four square yells "Mailbox" then you forget the ball and run to your mailbox and the last one to get there is out.
The center of the court where all squares intersect is called the Bus Stop, and when four square yells "Bus Stop" everyone has to forget the ball and run to get on the bus. The last one there misses the bus and has to go ask mom for a ride to school.

Tea party is similar. Thats when everyone runs to the bus stop and sits down for tea. Apparently there is only enough tea and crumpets for three people, and the last one there is s.o.l. Don't ask why tea parties are thrown at the bus stop, I don't understand it myself.

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That's the exact same as my schools rules, except different names, black magic is the last person to put their foot in center is out, green magic, last person to their corner is out.

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In my school black majic is when the person in square four throws the ball in the air and claps as many times as she can then passes it on to the person in square three and she has to clap one more time than square four did

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At my school, tea party is where you have to sit down and pass the ball. And us stop is where they are aloud to hold the ball if they say us stop. We dont have a mailox either. And we play it as King is the highest,then Queen, the Jack and then dungeon (Or dunj). And we have to ounce it in our square fist or else its a "full". Ah, I love australian Rules. (ut only the grade 1er's use bus-stops)